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Braga is situated in the heart of the Minho region, and forms part of the Costa Verde (Green Coast) region in the northwest corner of Portugal. Often referred to as Portugal’s “Rome”, Braga dates back to Celtic times and was an important Roman settlement. The Romans dedicated it to their Emperor and called it Bracara Augusta, making it their Galician head-quarters in 216 BC. Following a succession of destructive invasions, the city was rebuilt by Bishop Pedro (1070-1093), who established it as one of the most important religious centres in the Iberian Peninsula. In the 12th century, it became the seat of Portugal’s archbishops, and the country’s religious capital. This rich historical, educational and cultural past has been lovingly well kept in various monuments and churches that contrast with the new city buildings and give the city a modernity which is harmonious with tradition.


Today, Braga is a modern city with a young population, bustling with commerce and industry surrounding a lively and attractive old centre with a number of pedestrian streets. Braga is a young city, full of traditions and places to visit. Here you will find some of the most beautiful and remarkable places of the city. Enjoy what we have to offer and come and visit us. Probably the main religious center in the country, Braga is known for its baroque churches, magnificent 18th century houses and elaborate gardens and squares. Known, in the Roman era as “Bracara Augusta”, it was also the headquarters of the Portuguese bishopric in the XII century. Braga’s long history can be seen in its monuments and churches. The most impressive church is the Sé, which has several university styles, from Roman to Baroque. Braga is also proud of its splendid houses, especially those from the 18th century. We will soon add new attractions included in the Religious and Civil Architecture and Archaeological heritage, as well as new categories such as Contemporary and Military Architecture as well as Urban Spaces.


Braga is a place where the old blends with the new. Gifted with an amazing cultural and historical patrimony, Braga is also a young and lively city.Braga’s long history can be seen in its monuments, churches and splendid houses, especially those from the 18th century. Other attractions include the religious and civil architecture and archaeological heritage, as well as new categories such as contemporary and military architecture as well as innovative urban spaces.

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The great diversity of cultural initiatives throughout this lively city shows the dynamism of Braga. From music to theatre and dance, photography and cinema there is an array of venues and festivals that have become true traditions due to their richness and popularity. London escorts walking around the city streets, exploring the city’s downtown or the student area we discover also all the entertainment, the bars, cafes and nightclubs Braga has to offer.